Comment on the RS Revelation: While RS has really made some nice improvements to the line up with all metal dials, setting the rebound couldn't be any harder, there are no detents when you spin the knob, so as you spin it, you really have no reference where it is in the cycle. Detents folks, we just gotta have detents!!

Comment on the RPE: There may be somthing wrong with my RP3, the lever doesn't line up dead even in the middle like when I first got it earlier this week. Plus as you switch the lever from neutral to the "+" side, it sorta drags the compression knob with it, so you inadvertantly adjust your compression everytime you switch into and out of the "+" setting. To further confirm my fears, I can feel an ever so slight "grinding" as I flip the lever from "+" to neutral to "-"... I'm sorta putting my head in the sand here hoping this will magically fix itself.