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Thread: Moment size?

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    Moment size?

    Guys and Gals I apologise if this subject is covered elsewhere.
    Just need a little advice.

    What Size Moment should I buy? I have recently aquired an Id but I cannot get on with the Stand over or with the Tall BB Height.I might point out here that I dont want to start a debate over the merits of the high BB,because going up I love it. Coming down I feel all over the place. Anyhoo I am 5ft 7" with an inseam of about 31 and long arms(I know makes me sound like a spider monkey!) I ran the Id in medium and before that a Cove Stiffee in medium also.Top tube lengths of 23.5 and 23 respectively. The ID feels shorter as the head angle is tighter than than the stiffee. I was running a 70mm stem on both.
    My question is should I go for the Small Moment or go with the Ellsworths website recs and go for the medium.?

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    I'm 5'7" with a 30" inseam. I test rode a small with a 100mm stem and it fit perfect. My bike at the time was a med Isis, which I thought was great. It seemed to fit very well, but somehow the small Moment was more controllable for me.

    I just got a small last week. It's being built up now, so I have not ridden it, but I think the small was a good choice. If you need the extra room in the cockpit, the med might work better for you. Only by test riding can you tell for sure.
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    Small. I am also 5'7" with a 31" true inseam ansd the small with a 90mm stem was perfect for me.

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    I was struggling with the same issue a couple of months ago.

    I'm 5' 7" with 29 inseam. I ended up with a small Moment with 90mm stem.

    I demo'd a medium Moment w/ 90mm stem. Although it didn't feel too big overall the top tube seemed kinda long and made it a bit difficult to do a manual. It did give me more of a XC feel to the cockpit.

    The cockpit of a small feels more manuverable for me but I do have to be more careful in not leaning over the bars. Due to the shorter top tube, I also had to go to a setback seatpost rather than zero setback Thomson that I normally use to gain a more comfortable position in the saddle.

    There's not much difference in standover height between the small and medium Moment so just worry about the right top tube length.

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    Thanks everyone! Looks like I might go for the med but maybe go for a shorter stem if the 70mm doesnt work. Will let everyone know the outcome in a week or so.

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