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    New question here. Marzocchi Z1 Light ETA and 06 Moment?

    Would a Marzocchi Z1 Light ETA be a good fork match for a 2006 Moment? Wonder how it would look with a white fork on a blue frame or if I should go with the black or greay. I currently do alot of all mountain riding and weigh ~220lbs but would like to give some dirt jumping and freeriding a go next year. I am hoping to be down <200 lbs by then

    Also, can anyone whos used a Z1 Light ETA tell me how easy it is to adjust the RC2 system on it? I like the TST feature on the all mountain 1 for quick selecting terrain but am hoping the RC2 is fairly simple to deal with.


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    Isn't the Moment design around a 150mm fork? If so the Z1L would be an incredible fork on the Moment.

    The RC2 has three external adjustments available; the compression adjustment which is controlled with the red dial on the bottom of the left leg, rebound (Marz calls it the "extension adjuster") which is controlled with the black dial on the top of the left leg, and the preload adjustment which is controlled by the positive air chamber located under the rebound dial. Pretty simply really. While I've only had fork on for a day, and have yet to ride it on the trail, all of these adjustments seem to have a noticable effect the feel of the fork.

    On the right leg you have the ETA and TAS cartridge. ETA is the black knob on the top of the right leg which has two positions "LOCK", which slams the fork down only leaving 30mm of travel, or "UNLOCK" which returns the fork to full travel. TAS (Travel Adjustment System) is the red knob located on the bottom of the leg and adjusts the travel between 130-150mm.

    The only other adjustement I'm aware of is to adjust the height of the oil, which I'll definately play around with as I get more time on the fork.
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    Dam thats one sexy fork!!!

    Nice Crash!

    Just get it ramazz shell be milk and honey!

    Now where's my LBS !! wonder if I can get a custom paint pearl white ano Moment!!

    Just riding a muddy trail. . ..

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    Thanx for the input guys, I think this will be the one as it seems pretty beefy but is still light enough for XC use.

    Now, since this fork is white, should I go with the blue or black ano Moment?? One of the guys in my biking club is already getting a black one and throwing a fox 36 on it. I'm normally partial to blue, but the black looks sweet too. I'll have to dig around for some good pics of both blue and black Moments with white forks. guess I could try to photoshop something too.

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