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    So I'm looking into a new rig for racing. It's still about a year or so away but it's never to early to start looking and planning...right?

    I'm all set to get a Dean HT set up at about 21 lbs. and then Ells throws the Enlightenment in the mix. I'm thinking a blue or gold Enlightenment would look sweet in the stable next to my gold Id. But I'm curious if anyone has the weights and approximate cost of the new Ells for next year? I know it's probably too early and no one may have this info but I thought I'd give it a shot.

    Also, I've never owned a Ti ride b/4. Does anyone have any input either bad or good for alu over ti?

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    When it comes to hardtails, there's no comparison between Alu & Ti.
    Biggest difference is shock absorping ability. Ti really smooths out the ride while Aluminum is just plain harsh.
    For hardtails, my order of preference is: Ti, Steel, nothing. I won't do an Alu HT ever again.

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    Listen! Have you tryed..

    looking into treck and there new carbon hardtail still and very very light, and much cheaper i should think, lightspeed make a good frame too i think i heard somewhere they where gonna add a carbon chainstay to it.. or something like that! don't discount scott too they may not be "big" or rather, small brands like Ellsworth but they have a big budget to make quality long lasting bikes. just gotta go for some test rides thats the only way, there is no easy way about it. If you want a bike best for you, Get out and ride some.
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    I've got a Colonel. It rides really nice. I don't think it's totally my imagination that it smooths out the small, fast hits on the trail. The price is good, and you get some custom options. They're pretty slow with their custom orders (mine took 4 months), but it sounds like you're looking well into the future, so it's probably a good way to go. They may be able to get you some parts for a good price too (I got a Thomson stem for $50 from them; too bad I hate it). I'm not sure you can get a custom Ti frame from anyone in the same price range, although the stock Titus hardtail is a very good deal. Good luck!

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    I've got an Id and a Ti Hardtail

    Quote Originally Posted by Crash_FLMB
    Also, I've never owned a Ti ride b/4. Does anyone have any input either bad or good for alu over ti?
    While I can't directly compare Alu to Ti for a hardtail that's because there is no compelling need for me to upgrade/change the Ti bike (Bontrager). And it's getting on for 10 years old. Sure the components are old, it's got a dodgy fork with a 1" head tube. But nothing phases it. The bike that is - the fork is useless.
    But I've got an Aluminum FS (Id) and a Steel rigid (Ritchey). It's all good. Different materials, different application, different benefits. Oh, and I was an early adopter for Carbon Fiber on my road bike. It went all noodly on me and has seen it's last trip - to the dump.
    Next bike ? A steel or Ti, probably steel, SS or road tourer, probably road tourer. Not sure Alu is good for anything without suspension to compensate for its limitations.

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