Wow! I've had enough of these Cycling Fatalities!-
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    Wow! I've had enough of these Cycling Fatalities!

    All of these are terrible tragedies, this one hit a chord due to the fact he was an animal lover.

    Canada has to switch to the Dutch style of justice with automobile fatalities. If you kill someone, you need to be able to explain why??? Unfortunately, I think addictions to smartphones is common and people probably will not stop texting and driving regardless of the penalty (not saying this explains this particular case). It is sad, but road cycling seems to be getting substantially more dangerous. It would be interesting to see statistics on the topic, maybe I'm just more sensitive to these stories now that I am a cyclist.

    I hope Mr. Loder was predeceased by some beloved pets and he finds his old friends there.
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    That's sad. Something needs to be done to reduce the risk. It makes me sick when I read articles about the new 3 foot laws, and people comment on how they feel about road cyclists. I'm not a road cyclist, but you don't have to be to get it. When did people become this way? People comment that they will not wait until it is safe to pass at three feet because it will piss off the drivers behind them. people have become heartless and completely unreasonable and selfish.
    Sorry for the rant. I want to road ride for training purposes, but am afraid of it.

    Were charges ever laid for the driver of the car that struck cyclist David Tutty in Ancastor? - Edit. St. George
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