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    Who rides the Don?

    It's my main and usually only trail as I have no car and live pretty much down town, except when I go north to my in-laws (it's my own little slice of heaven). So I see some guys down on the main Don quite routinely when I ride so I guess some of you are those same riders I see.
    I don't know if any of you have noticed the signs on the trials but IMBA and the City of TO are currently doing trail maintenance and are looking for volenteers...
    No I do not represent either organziation (I am just an iterested volenteer) but I thought maybe some of you would be interested in having a hand in directing the future of our only real trail here in TO.

    I think there is lots to learn about trail mainenance that will be worth taking away. The IMBA reps were really good about trying to explain logical planning and sutainablity to me, and if the US is any indication we will need a strong well informed grass roots advocacy movment to help keep the balance of our sport.

    So if you are interested please PM me for details, I just don't want to plaster the poor city workers contact info on the net without her express consent.

    Otherwise give me your views, what do you guys and girls think of this?

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    i saw some of the signs last weekend going through (was going a bit to fast to read them though)
    the don is my main trail too, i try to ride it every weekend of possible. like you i have no car and is about a 10km road ride to get to the good stuff.
    i've noticed some of the "upgrades" over the winter to the don especially the switchback near the treatment plant.

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    IMBA Canada is doing great things all over our country. TO is a big place with lots of people to help out with lasting trails. The best trail is always the one closest to your home. If volenteering to help work on the trails is not your thing, then please consider a membership so that good things will continue with MTB access to trails.

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