Just wanted to pass along that there is an annual 3 hour enduro race at the sawmill trails in Hepworth Ontario. Just rode the course today as they get ready for it. Its a blast to ride, its like hard wood and albion got together and had a little trail of their own! :P

The entry fee is a whole 6 bucks. But uci/oca license is required due to insurance reason I think.

solo or teams(2 or 3 I think). About 7km per lap with lots or short punchy climbs/switchbacks and a ton of flow. No sandy sections, well there is one spot.

here is the rough layout Mountain Bike Ride Profile | Whemmys possible near Shallow Lake | Times and Records | Strava

Hoping to get a BBQ going after the race as well but that is still being figured out. Hopefully some of you can make it out.