• 07-09-2006
    Trails around Halifax & Kejimkujik
    I am coming to Nova Scotia with the family to hang out with my wife's relatives for 9 days in early August, and although it will be fun - I will need a moutain bike fix or two while I am there.

    We are staying near Kejimkujik Park (possibly with a day in Halifax) but I am willing to drive a bit if I need to, to pick up a rental bike and find some good trails.

    Anybody have any suggestions of places to 'taste' the riding of this part of Nova Scotia.
    (& rental possibilities - medium to high end bike)

    Thanks everybody
  • 07-24-2006
    Not much...
    Hi man, i was looking for trails just like you and that's since i moved here, CFB Greenwood. I could'nt find anything on that forums and not much on the internet. It's my third weeks here, i manage to find a couples of trails close to the base but regarding your timings and destinations i don't recommand you to drive all the way up to here. There's a bike fest in Gore, call the Gorefest next weekend 29, 30 july. There's 50/50 chance that i will go there i will give you feedbacks cause i think it could worth the trip there. Unless, this week i will go ride that bike park in Kentville, maybe you can get all you want in the same place because there is a good bike shop there, Valley stoves and cycles, try to hook up with them. I will give you feedbacks on this trails as well. So thats pretty much of it for what i found to ride here.
  • 07-27-2006
    It's me again with some feedbacks. Man that place in Kentville was sick! just a double track loop but when you pay attention you find many single track all over the place. Then you begin to encounter some north shore and some of the biggest stunts i have ever seen on the east coast. Well, so for familly trip it's defenitly too hardcore.