• 05-03-2006
    Trail off the 401,near missauga and 407
    Came across this trail by pure luck, not sure where it starts or ends, but this what I saw
    The service station on the 401 (shell/nichobhys) which is just past the 407 turn off at missauga I had stopped at to get a coffef when I came across some mountainbikers and asked them where the trails were. On the other side of road there is a forested area which I had seen some trail had been cut in. Maybe someone here has ridden this trail and could chime in?
    Thats all I really know about, was going to further investigate next time I'm up near the Kelso area

  • 05-03-2006
    This is near where I ride...
    There's this small forest behind that gas station... but.. I don't think it connects to anything major... however...

    Just east of where Mississauga road crosses the 407 there's a hydro field which has trails that connect all the way south down to the lake, through erindale park along the credit river. If you go north off the 401 on the Mississuaga road, and turn right immediately at Derry, then right again at creditview and left at Old Derry road, then Left on second line i believe, there's a dead end, and a parking lot.

    Ride underneath Derry RD. and you see the hydro field, some trails and stuff... go south through the park and you can connect all the way to the lake. If you explore you'll find some brief single track, and some slightly technical stuff, particularilty south towards erindale park. It's nothing serious, but if you live in the area, the credit valley corridor is a good way of riding around mississauga without hitting the pavement.

    If you have any questions about it post up on here... I ride this area all the time because it's very close to my house.