Trail Guide Books??

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  • 07-31-2006
    Trail Guide Books??
    Hey all. Been taking advantage of the trail listings on this site for a while now. But I hate it when I go away somewhere for a few days and the only way to access the trail list/reviews is to logon to a computer.

    Does this website have or anyone know of a store/site that has a book/guide of mountain bike trails and maps / reviews for Ontario?????????

    Perhaps can publish one????

    THANKS! :thumbsup:
  • 07-31-2006
    Bill Payer
  • 07-31-2006
    I believe there is a second updated version available now.
  • 08-01-2006
    Anyone know of something like the above bookt but for quebec(montreal region in particular)?,all i see in shops are touring stuff or tremblant/bromont/montstanne etc

    Big up to all Quebec riders.
  • 08-09-2006
    Rider Mel's Guide for trails is pretty good. covers trails from Windsor to Montreal. I have been using it for the past 2 yrs. bought it at a bike shop for $20. well worth the investment.