Toronto Cyclist Says His Pool Noodle Makes his Toronto Commute Safer-
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    Toronto Cyclist Says His Pool Noodle Makes his Toronto Commute Safer

    This story made the Reddit front page as well as other social media sites.

    Toronto Cyclist Says His Pool Noodle Makes his Toronto Commute Safer-5174755997001-videostillimage.jpg

    Coincidently I saw Mr Huska during my drive into work this morning. He was riding north on Baview Avenue and I was heading south. Bayview does not have a bike lane and typically it is very busy. He was riding at a fast clip in the far right lane and traffic gave him nice clearance. I couldn't get my camera out to snap a pic safely but I rolled down my window, tooted my horn and gave him the thumbs up.

    I like this idea, but it might limit your ability to get though spots less than a meter wide?

    I wonder how did other cyclists see it? I know on roads with no bike lanes, its great, but for roads with bike lanes, where people sometimes pass slower cyclists, would there be issues?
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    The noodle is foam, it'll bend and flop. What happens when you scratch up someones BMW or exotic car in the city?

    Riding on the road takes guts, no doubt about it. Trying to make is safe is almost like trying to make skydiving safe. Each time you go out, it could be your last.
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    When I lived in Victoria in the 80s a woman wrote a letter to the editor saying, "I'm considering a long pole with a piece of rope and a brick tied at the end so I can get cars to stop at a crosswalk".
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    I'm with you Todd. I live in Mississauga and ride into Toronto quite often as I visit family with my bike instead of car, specially in good weather. The infrastructure is just not there for bikes. We blame drivers and/or cyclists where the issue is mostly the fact that we are pitted against each other, in often, untenable situations. I have taken to going to the Lakeshore and using the bike paths for my east/west travels to stay off the roads. In industrial areas, I often will use sidewalks. Just stay off the road as much as possible. I don't believe there is any way to make it safe on the roads as they are now.
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    I see the man also sports a helmet cam. So whether it's the cam or the noodle, I couldn't say. But supposing it's the noodle, I don't think you have to scratch anything and it can be any vehicle. The mere act of touching, deliberately, the car of a driver who is indisposed to cyclists enrages them. I've seen it enough times to recognize the pattern. The reaction is the same as if you tried to touch, uh, let's just say it's a fighting offense. Most drivers aren't like that of course. A car is just a car. But for a sizeable fraction of a small-sized minority, a car is not just a car, if you know what i mean.

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