Thursday Races at Durham-
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    Thursday Races at Durham

    I really want to try a race. I ride Durham at least once a week and do 15 to 20 kms at an average of 13km/h all single track. None of the guys I ride with are interested in racing. My question is should I do more work or get out there and give it a try. I have looked at some peoples data on Garmin but the one thing I can't tell is how much of the courses is double track. I have never had a chance to ride the course.

    I am just looking for some constructive input.

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    Give it a try, it's a great race series with a wide range of participant abilities and it probably will motivate you to improve your fitness and riding skill.

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    I did one of those races last year. There was a few short bits of double track to connect the single track sections, and the long hill back to the start/finish area was also double track.

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    Your fitness and technical ability will probably improve quicker doing the races than not.

    I started doing the Coulson's weekly series this year and love it even though it made me realize how much room for improvement I got. For myself, it's close to impossible to go at the same intensity level on my own as I do during the race.

    From a technical POV, I tend to push myself a lot more during a race than I do when riding just on my own; so far I've been able to do the race course without any issues. But, there are some people who have to get off the bike at certain points. Key for me is to pre-ride the course before the race so you know what to expect, where to brake and where to carry momentum.

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    Glad to see this thread. Been debating doing the Thursday night races for a while now.

    Its a tight time line for the commute to home to pack to durham but I think I could make it if everything is right.

    Let me know if you try it out. I ride Durham often and wonder how the series would be as well
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    Thursday Night

    A buddy and I were riding Walkers last Thursday and we stopped and watch a bit of the race. I was hoping that would spark some interest in him but no luck. I am just going to have to suck it up and give it a try on my own. Maybe next week if its not too hot, or too cold, or raining, or windy, or....

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