Some of you might remember this story-
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    Some of you might remember this story

    It was discussed in this forum.
    Looks like there were a lot of details ignored at the time.
    Cyclist hit from behind
    Cheers, Dave

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    That's pretty crappy. The driver had 8 violations in the preceding 2 years and they wanted to blame the cyclist?

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    And this is surprising?

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    That is sad.

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    Pugash said it’s not at all unusual, and “absolutely understandable,” that in the aftermath of tragedies, the victim’s loved ones find it hard to accept if police don’t charge the driver involved with a serious offence. “But the fact is, every officer, whether they’re a traffic officer or not, their job is to evaluate the situation and follow the evidence where it goes.”
    Are the police saying new evidence came to light only much later? Evidence that caused them to double back on what they were "following" previously? I can't tell from the article.

    At the end of the day, I keep coming back to the same conclusion: that I have to get a helmetcam set up. Forward or rear facing though??? One for each??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kay. View Post
    At the end of the day, I keep coming back to the same conclusion: that I have to get a helmetcam set up. Forward or rear facing though??? One for each??

    Quote Originally Posted by the toronto star
    Toronto police Const. Clinton Stibbe said the force has started to see videos submitted as evidence when cyclists have collisions or confrontations with motorists.
    But he cautioned that police don’t accept edited-down videos as evidence, and people may not want to submit their camera footage from an entire ride, since it likely also contains proof of their own traffic violations.
    “They’re going to make at least one mistake on that trip, intentionally or not,” Stibbe said
    Check and mate? I guess they can't charge us with rolling a stop sign 10 km earlier when we are deceased, but it's starting to sound like they might try.

    Also: If a collision involving a cyclist being hit from behind while lawfully waiting at a red light, is being reported by police as a cyclist being "hit while running a red light while riding in the wrong direction".... what exactly is the value of cycling safety studies that rely on said police reporting.

    I would suggest their value is very low.
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