This has been posted on the Durham Mtn Bike Assoc FB page but I know not everyone has FB. There is a section of Durham Forest that is closed for Logging from Sept 26-Nov 18th. It affects a small section of the forest (all things considered) and entrances to the section are clearly blocked by snow fencing.

Here is the blurb from the FB Posting from the LSRCA

Temporary trail closures
Message below from our friends at the LSRCA (the Durham Forest land managers)

As part of ongoing forest management activities at Durham Regional Forest, sections of the Main Tract will be closed to the public between September 26th and November 18th, 2016. The Main Tract is located between Concession 7 and Lakeridge Road, south of Goodwood Road, in Uxbridge Township.

The affected areas will include the following:
- White Pine Trail sections
- Red Oak Trail sections
- Various single-track trails intersecting the White Pine and Red Oak Trails

Forest management has been occurring in the Main Tract since these plantations were established in the 1920ís, with the long-term goal of restoring natural forest conditions. This operation is the next step in the ongoing evolution of the property from abandoned blow sands to healthy forest cover. All revenues generated by the harvest are reinvested back into the ongoing management and development of the forest and trails at Durham Regional Forest.

During the harvesting period, trails will be closed with temporary fencing and informational signage. Members of the public will be asked to stay out of the affected areas for their own safety and the safety of the forest operators and LSRCA staff. The closures will be monitored by LSRCA staff throughout the harvesting period.

Trails will be reopened once the harvest period is complete. To ensure safety, it is expected that all affected trails will remain closed throughout the entire period between September 26th and November 18th
The map below shows the harvest area

Any my pictures from my ride this evening.

Section of Durham Forest Closed Sept 26-Nov 18th-image1.jpg

Section of Durham Forest Closed Sept 26-Nov 18th-image2.jpg

As I type this it reminds me that Dagmar Trails will also be closing for the season soon as well, I believe it is Nov 1st, it will be clearly signed.