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    Riding on Non-Bluebird Days (Like this turd of a weekend)

    ďAre any trails rideable today?Ē

    I read this in a Facebook group for a trail network this aft.

    This morning, I was riding my home trails at Harold Town in Peterborough and a passing hiker said to me, ďIsnít it too wet to ride?Ē (The only other vehicle in the lot had bike racks on the roof, so Iím going to go out on a limb and say she rides too.)

    ďNo. Thereís a couple greasy corners, but otherwise itís awesome!Ē

    But seriously, do you really have to stay home on a day where itís rained overnight? Can you not ride when thereís the odd puddle? If you arenít allowing to ride in the wet, why arenít we all running Thunder Burts?

    Is this a 2016 thing? Created by internet shaming culture? I never remember people being so crazy about not riding unless itís bone-dry. Please donít misread this. I do not poach soggy spring trails. I donít leave ruts. I avoid low-lying trails when I do go out on wet days. I donít ride during hurricane rains, storms, or heavy downpours. I do trail work at my local track and I love riding buff trail.

    I do ride in the rain. Itís awesome (expect when I get a piece of mud in the eye).
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    Haroldtown can handle a wet ride, its all loam and has excellent drainage.

    Those aren't hiking trails either...
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    Maybe different in Peterborough but we've had rain for the last three days and rain on and off today - so I'd say no, shouldn't be on a local trail today. Then again, with the 60 km winds, shouldn't be in the woods on a trail either.
    Was hailing and thundering a while ago.
    There are a few trails around here where you can ride after a rain - Turkey Point and Puslinch are usually good. Depends on the soil.

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    Mansfield is good to go at anytime and thats where I usually ride but if I'm riding multi use trails(Mono Cliffs), then I don't ride them when it wet. If the trails are for mountain biking and maintained by mountain bikers and they aren't closed then I have no problem riding them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamfromCanada View Post
    Is this a 2016 thing? Created by internet shaming culture? I never remember people being so crazy about not riding unless itís bone-dry. Please donít misread this. I do not poach soggy spring trails.
    Some Ontario trails are blessed with sand & loam and you can ride them in a hurricane and only have to worry about greasy roots.

    Some Ontario trails are based on clay soils and become dastardly slick after only a sprinkling of precipitation, nevermind what happens after just a mild shower, let alone a proper rain the day before you try to go ride.

    It all depends on where you are riding A good example is Puslinch (Cambridge), Waterloo Hydrocut & Woodstock Pines - they are all roughly within 40mins drive of each other, but The Hydrocut is clay and just can't deal with rain so they have to close the trails.
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    I was cottaging near Peterborough and went out to ride Haroldtown. Got caught in pretty heavy rain. The terrain there handled it very well. It is not the case everywhere as noted. My feeling is that you stay away from a lot of trails if it just rained unless you know the how they will handle the rain and how much. A lot of people lack judgment or don't care from what I have seen on many trails.
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    Out here, if we didn't ride when it was wet we'd hardly ever get to ride. Thankfully, our rocky terrain and general lack of soil make for trails that handle wet weather pretty well. I have a friend living in Ottawa who rides down here a couple of times a year and always marvels about the lack of mud caked on a bike after a wet ride. In order to have mud, you need dirt.

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    If it's too wet to ride, then its too wet to hike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSaison View Post
    If it's too wet to ride, then its too wet to hike.
    Best answer by far!!

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    As others have said, it depends on the soil.

    The Don doesn't drain well and it pisses me off when I see people coming off the trail with bikes covered in mud...I usually see them as I'm riding the pavement.

    Later on, I'm riding in the dry and the trail is a rutted mess (for example the downhill portion to the Pottery Rd parking lot.
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    For people who know if they are doing damage, riding in the rain isn't that big of a deal. Lots of people think they are supposed to get muddy while mountain biking, so they ride and do some damage to the trails, not necessarily noticing the damage they've done. So, if you don't know your audience, it's better to say ``don't ride in the rain!`
    Plus there is the safety factor! I've ridden the Brant Tract near Walkerton after a drizzly day, the loamy stuff was great, the clayey stuff was like ice skating in dull skates, amazingly very little control, especially on the downhill sections!!! Wet roots are also a safety factor, unless you are familiar with the hazards involved!!

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