Please play it safe (OT)-
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    Please play it safe (OT)

    Sorry to have post this here but the ski passion board on is nowhere to be found. I believe we all here love the outdoor, and lots of outdoors activities contain a certain amount of risks. A lot of people know it, but how many of them do Ďunderstandí it. By understanding mean you not only think of yourself but also concern on others as well, imo. I can never understand those people who can hardly keep their balance on a wedge turn go to ski on blue or even black runs. Iíve seen a lot of these fellows end up going straight down the hill because they can't manage to turn their ski when speed start to pick up. I only hope they wonít hit a tree or the worst, another person. Only to the least expect that that Ďanother personí would be me. It was yesterday, a beautiful day, weather wasnít too cold and I was surprise how good the snow was as an early season run, a weekday so the hill wasnít packed up with people. I was at the end on my run closing to the base area, speed decreasing, and then suddenly I got that big fellow speeding down hit my shoulder. I know he was trying to avoid me but there wasn't much he could do. His momentum was enough for him to carry on and keep going but for me, the small 130lbs fellow he clipped was unlucky to have to catch a hard edge. I shot out of me ski and land my face hard on snow. It was so painful, confuse, a bit dizzy. Took me a few minutes to get myself back together. I wear glasses under my goggle and it was bended totally out of shape, the lenses fell out and now I have small cuts and bruises all over my face. I was lucky that, for some reason, I only wear my helmet on cold days. But yesterday I just feel like I want to wear it. The fore-piece of the helmet have suck up quite an amount of the impact force or it could be worst, if the lenses broke in front of my eyes, yuck! Canít imagine. I wake up today with pain on the back of my neck and could hardly turn my head. So people, whatever your passions are, play it safe, not only for yourself and OTHERS as well. Sorry for the long boring post.

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    Thats what the sharp end of the pole is for..

    Part of the reason I stopped skiing was because of going to places in the area and having my ski's skied over, poles smacked, getting hit with a pole while getting on the lift, people turning their poles and putting them on the seat where you sit while loading and other stupid mistakes.

    That and I skied at some good resorts... Bottom line is that no matter how safe you are theres always a stupid idiot out there who's just waiting to hurt you but accident.

    Got to hear about the helmet.. I hope you atleast got the guy's address and name to get him to replace the helmet (or are they Multi-hit?)

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    No good What are you doing there in the first place?

    In Ottawa, I have given up on skiing any of the local hills. They all suck really bad. The local hill operators are a bunch of mindless idiots, with $hit for brains.

    Most of these small hills have runs cut through forest, but there are no glades. It is really pathetic.

    Everything is groomed flat. There is no terrain, unless you go to the terrain park, which does not interest me. Terrain parks are no substitute for natural terrain, bumps, and glades. These hills are now more suited to toboggans than skiing.

    The idiot resort operators, cater to beginner skiers only. So, it is no wonder that awkward beginners abound at these places, and it is no wonder that they bomb straight down the hill out of control, since there is no terrain or bumps to make them turn.

    It got to the point, where I would be holding my two poles in one hand, when I got off the lift, and I was still holding them when I got back to the liftline. There was no reason to deploy my poles, unless it was to push myself on the flats. Heck there is hardly a reason to turn, except to avoid colliding with beginners doing the snow plough.

    Skiing at Ottawa's local ski resorts is no more challenging than skiing away from the chairlift at the offload. In fact skiing away from the chair is probably the most challenging part of the whole experience. It is all amazingly boring. It is pathetic really.

    I just can't see packing the car, driving for an hour, gearing up, paying for lift tickets, and then being bored out of my mind. There is no value for the effort, or the money.

    So, I ski about three or four days a year at Tremblant, and take a week ski trip on March break. I was thinking of taking a weekend trip somewhere with the wife this winter also. I was considering Tremblant or the Eastern Townships.

    I am actually also taking up XC skiing this year, since I can go straight out the door, without driving and without the cost of lift tickets. It is a good conditioning workout, that I can do on the same trails, where I ride my mountain bike in the warm season.

    If you have already learned to ski, forget the local resorts, you will just be exposed to a host of out of control beginners and will be bored to tears with the runs, which defeats the whole purpose of an exhileration sport.

    If all more experienced skiers bouycott these places, they will hopefully go bankrupt and someone, with half a friggn brain, may take over and fix the problem. Until then forget it, or bring a toboggan, instead of skis.


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    I'll second Esmundo...

    Be careful in every sport you do. I've been racing the O-Cup courses last summer and I wiped out a few times during the races and during regular rides and the main reason why I crashed was because I was going too fast in a turn or going down a steep rocky section. It can be hard sometimes to slow down in a race but the point of my story is that every time you crash you cause a small amount of damage that might come back to haunt you. I've just spent the last 2 months not riding my bike trying to get this injury to heal - well it's almost healed but I think when I get older theres a good chance I will have arthritis because I've landed on the same spot almost every time I crashed.

    Despite all the crashes I still came in 10th overall in master expert and I plan on doing even better with some smart training.

    Hopefully this summer will be crash free for everyone who reads this, be careful and have fun.

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