Pines at Woodstock - non-members?-
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    Pines at Woodstock - non-members?

    I'm going to be in Woodstock sometime soon, meeting a guy from London that I'm loaning a bike to.
    I was thinking this would be an opportunity to try out the Pines.
    From what I can see, it's members only - what's the story? Do you have to be a guest or what's the policy for out of town riders?

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    Out of towners are required to purchase a seasonal pass online for just $30, but if you're just going to check it out for the first time I'd just go and check it out. I ride there all the time and I'm a seasonal out of town member. I see no harm in you trying the trails there before possibly buying a membership to ride. Nice smaller parcel of land with some well maintained trails with good flow.
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    You're fine for a first time to check it out. Locals pretty much know everybody, so don't be surprised if people chat you up. They'll tell you about the pass but are always totally cool with new people checking it out. They'd only give you the boot if you were known to ride there and refusing to get a pass.

    If you like it and plan to go back, which you will, buy the pass. All goes straight to maintaining the Pines, not into some conservation authority's pocket. And it's dirt cheap for a season pass. (Have to pay over $100 now for a darned pass to go around Fanshawe in London for frick sakes)

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    I went there once at the start of the season as the Pines was ready to ride way before my local trails. No one questioned my lack of membership. Everyone was very friendly. If I planned to ride there more than the once I'd have a membership in a heartbeat, but my local trails are too close and I'd rather ride more and drive less.

    Have fun on the sweet berms!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WaywardTraveller View Post
    If you like it and plan to go back, which you will, buy the pass. All goes straight to maintaining the Pines, not into some conservation authority's pocket.
    Ehh, technically the bulk of the membership dues go towards the land lease, which is into the Upper Thames pocket.

    It's "Members Only" because the land lease stipulates that only members should be riding, wearing helmets, etc. Pretty basic cover-your-ass stuff.

    But yes, come out and check out the trails without fear of being policed! 354, The Ridge, The Twisties, Deer Run and Doug's Delirium are particular fun if you like berms & turns and the occasional short & fast DH section.
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    Just checked out The Pines for the first time on Monday! Great place! I bought a membership even if I won't ride there too much (but I will cause it's awesome!), I figured I'd support the trails
    Check out the vid I did with a buddy of mine, first time doing any sort of jumps and it was a blast!!

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