I looked out side, and it was starting to spit, ominous clouds were forming and the roads outside my place started to wet.

I believe in staying off trails when they are wet, but how could I resist this, even in the rain there was a strange warmth that called me to the forest.

I grabbed my faithful steed from its stable and mounted up, the soft sounds of rain slapping on my jacket were soothing to my soul as two legs turned two pedals, which turned two wheels.

I took the road route to the trail and was pleased to see that all the cars had left when the rains appeared. I pushed onwards through the fire roads.

I continued on finally turning into my little utopia, the packed pine needles started swishing around my tires, faster and faster I rode, climbed, and descended only to do it again. Winding my way to the creek, I tacked onto my new course following Mother Nature’s course along the stream. It seemed like an eternity and I knew this had to end soon; the single-track slowly gave way to the paved road, however up and down a quick hill lays my other utopia.

This second trail lay hidden from me for many rides, not because it's hidden but simply because I had never bothered to explore it, the quick five kilometer loop has become one on my favorites. This trail is always empty and the barren parking lot indicates that I will be mostly alone on the rest of my ride. The trail starts with a quick hike up a hill to elevation and continues up and down through the woods; slowly the tall trees give way to the pines. I hear a quick dash and strain my eyes to see what I had just startled. A large white flash jumped from the woods into the opening as I am entering it. He pauses to look at me for a second and then in a few short leaps is out of site.

The trail continues, more trees, more pines, more climbs and then bliss arrives, a single half kilometer of rolling turns that the single track gods offered as proof of their power. It ended much too early for me, and I considered looping it again, but the constant rain continued to edge me on towards home.

The final few kilometers settled down to a rhythmic pace of fire roads, walking trails and park roads as I pulled into site of my backyard.

Sometimes the impact that you place on the environment is exponentially less then the impact the environment places on you.

No trails were hurt in the production of this post.