I'm on my way across the country (again) and this time my wife and I are riding bikes at each nightly stop. Tonight was the trails at Georgian Nordic Ski Club, about 13km north of Parry Sound. They've got their race loop laid out for the "Summer Sounder" race this weekend, and unintentionally I rode sections of it twice (reason will follow). It's completely within reason to ride blind if you've spent time at Hardwood, Sir Sams, Ganaraska, etc. There's some really funky rock slabs/rolls - think Squamish without the deathly scary drops. It's fun to hear your tire suckle on to the granite since unlike BC it's totally dry. If you are able to make it up from Toronto or Barrie, you totally should sign up!

On our initial loop I didn't bother to close up the zipper on my shorts, and of course my car keys decided to liberate themselves without bothering to tell me. I only found this out after getting back to the vehicle to find I had no way to enter it. With surprisingly minor spousal disapproval I went back out to hunt the errant entry device. I had no luck, but fortunately for us the locals were out for their Thursday night ride, and came to our rescue. Keys were returned by an eagle eyed member, and the day was saved! It never ceases to amaze me what the MTB community can do - even for people that aren't a member of their narrow band, but instead only related through a shared love of two wheeled propulsion.

TLDR; version - Parry Sound has trails you probably didn't know about, they are fun to ride, there's a race you can sign up for this weekend, and the MTB community there saved me a lot of swearing and wife related grief.