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    Ontario Singletrack

    am going on a family vacation to Ontario near Halliburton and Caenarvon. I think we are staying on Boshkung lake. I was looking for singletrack within an hour drive. Also if there is some easier stuff around my 6 year old will probably want to ride some to.

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    Some of the trails at Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve are family friendly. Mostly double-track from what I remember.

    Sir Sam's

    Google says Buckwallow is exactly an hour away from Haliburton.
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    There are trails just outside of Haliburton at Glebe Park. They are fun, but in no way beginner friendly. They are old-school tech. Super fun to ride for an experienced mountain biker. Probably misery for most mountain bikers.

    I haven't mountain biked Haliburton Forest in years. It used to be pretty rough. Deep bush and a lot of bugs. I doubt a child would like it.

    Sir Sams is great, but more appropriate for intermediate/experienced mountain bikers.

    I suggest enjoying the lake! And buying beer at the Haliburton Highlands Brewery (3 minutes east of Carnavon) and Boshkung (right in Carnarvon).

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    Buckwallow is excellent, very well maintained and has trails for all skill levels. Saw some kids on bikes when I was there last summer. This would be my first destination.

    Glebe Park is pretty fun. It's a short loop, but it's central. I don't think it's as techie as AdamfromCanada is suggesting. Far from it. There are some technical rock rolls and punchy climbs, but many of those can be by-passed. That said, it might be a bit much for all but the most enthusiastic 6-year-old.

    Sir Sam's is also lots of fun. You can do lift access (magic carpet) on the weekends. There's a mix of downhill and xc single track. I do the downhill on an Anthem SX, so there's no need for a big-travel bike unless you want to smash it at top speed.

    EDIT: One more to add, Torrance Barrens. It's a bit further west from Buckwallow and I haven't ridden myself, but I've heard it's a great mellow ride and a very interesting location.

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