• 07-27-2006
    not spam - anyone have a shock I can BORROW?
    Yeah, seriously, i'm asking.

    My San An is sitting here doing just that ..... sitting. Not being ridden. It's pissing me off. I'm waiting for a new shock to come in but it's nowhere in sight and i'm looking at the calendar and it's the end of July. I was hoping to have ridden it on some decent trails by now, yet it's not happened.

    - bushings gotta be 1/2" I.D. I have my own reducers.
    - air/oil or coil - I don't care. If it's a piggyback (RC, Swinger etc) then it might not fit, but i'm willing to check it out. :p But it's GOTTA work, no wheeze-bags that can't hold their own weight.
    - if coil - I don't care what spring rate it is, as long as it's got a spring.
    - anything between 6.5x1.5" ~> 7.5x2.0" will fit. Maybe even 7.875x2.25" (?).
    - GTA or "a little around the area" (no shipping!). I drive and will gladly pick-up/drop-off to keep it convenient for you. Maybe meet at a trail and get in a ride?
    - needed for 2 weeks MAX. I'll give it back whether my shock has come in by then or not. I don't need/want it for any longer then that. It shouldn't see more than maybe 100km useage, no drop-offs or anything crazy ..... just XC/trail riding. Shock is protected by frame, so it won't get any damage if I crash. (hey, i'm being honest) Also, my reducers are very new, so they're not distorted and your bushings should be fine.

    Rest assured that you WILL get it back in same working condition - I wouldn't be around here this long just to rip someone off for a couple-hundred dollar shock. :rolleyes:

    So, if anyone has anything "laying around" that wouldn't mind helping me out shoot me a P.M., would ya?

  • 07-28-2006
    I've got a 7.5x2.0 Pushed Float kicking around, if that would be helpful. PM me if you think it will work for you.:)