Non-technical Trails (for a cross bike)-
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    Non-technical Trails (for a cross bike)

    There are a couple of threads from years ago with a similar question (I think I started one of them!). But I have a different 'angle' this time...

    I'm mainly a roadie , though I have mountain biked one/off for years. I have a problem with my neck and shoulders (cervical spine issue), whereby over-use of my arms leads to pains in this area. And drop bars with multiple hand positions are key. On the road I don't use my arms as much as mtb, so I've found this leaves me feeling better after a ride. I do stretch on the bike and take breaks as needed (been to physio/chiro for years, actually better now but still there). Enough about that...

    I just picked up a cross bike and I'm planning to use it in several ways: 1) short, fun rides going up/down non-technical trails minutes from my house; 2) as an alternate to the road bike if the weather is foul but still ride-able, and 3) as a gravel grinder. I know a lot of the gravel roads not far from where I live (Georgetown), so I'm not looking for gravel road recommendations. What I am looking for though, are recommendations on non-technical trails (dirt mainly, gravel ok too) within 30-45 minutes of where I live.

    I don't want to race cross (carrying a bike would no longer be the joy it was in P2A), but I do 'love' riding in the woods, even if it's part of a longer circuit with paved/gravel roads, rail trails, through parks, etc. I'm planning to supplement my road rides with these such rides at least once a week.

    I know of a few of these from my own explorations, and some of these were listed in one of the older threads (Pushlinch 'double track' and the pines; Albion Hills; Dundas Valley; Mono Cliffs; and I know of all the rail trails). I believe there may be other 'community' trails that may offer a nice combination of dirt, gravel, up/down and twisty, with little to no technical sections (drop-offs, big rocks, etc.), any additional recommendations? Thanks

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    You could look at the double track in Dufferin Forest.. and further out Hardwood Hills - lots of interconnecting non-technical trails (think X-C ski trails)

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    Good suggestion on Dufferin Forest. Heard about it but never been there.

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