Having just got my diy lights up and running (thanks Pucked up), I am completly hooked on it. But riding the same trails can get boring. So off we went exploreing the Tom Thopson trail that runs from Owen Sound to Meaford. From OS the trail is mostly roads. I wasnt impressed but we were still in the car at this point. We ended up finding a bruce side trail called the river kwai trail. Wow lots of rocks lol. Wasnt the most fun but good slow speed techy stuff. We stayed on this trail for 4 km then found the regular bruce trail.

We ran into the good part of the Tom Thopson trail, I must say it was awsome and worth ever bit of hike-a-bike we had to do. Wasnt super long but fast and flowy with the tightest switchbacks I have rode on. Finally got to use the front brake and shift my weight to swing the back end around trick.

Things got interesting when we topped the escartment by the CF training base. We found a no winter mait road to start making our way back. It was deeply rutted and lots of water. My riding partner took the left and I took the right. His was looked better and I turned around to follow him. I was keen on walking and thought the same of him. He hopped on his bike and promptly fell in this large rut. Looked to be about 6-8inches deep. It engulfed his whole body right up to his neck. It looked cold to me and that was confirmed when he got out of the water covered in mud and his bike semi floating, lights still running. Thankfully he was a trooper and was able to keep going. We were done exploring but were still about 8km back to the car.

I kept checking with hime to see how he was holding up and he was fine and making sence. We had good laughs about it on the ride to the car. By this time we had heen out for 4 hours, we were glad to see the car. Must have been some military training going on as we were passed by about 15 military vehicles on our travels. And no, they werent lookin for us.

Made for an interesting night. And cant wait to do it again.

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