• 04-17-2011
    MTB trail conditions in Ottawa
    My wife and I are visiting Ottawa later this week (4/20--4/23) and wanted to bring mtn. bikes to get in a ride, but I'm not sure if the trails are dried out enough yet. Anyone have some local insight about riding conditions, specifically at Kanata Lakes? From what I've read, Gatineau Park isn't open until May.
  • 04-21-2011
    Trails in Kanata Lakes are soaked, and not rideable. People have already been on the trails and have done some major damage. full discussion is at http://ottawamba.org/cgi-bin/ikonboa...ST;f=19;t=4154
  • 04-24-2011
    Conditions improving much? Think by first week in May trails will be ready?

    How about Camp Fortune? or Mount Sainte Marie?
  • 05-09-2011
    Any update on this?

    I'm headed there next week for a conference & will be taking a day to ride. I'm hoping to check out the local goods. :)
  • 05-10-2011
    provided it doesn't rain heavily, riding season has started, and the trails in Kanata Lakes are good to go.
  • 05-10-2011
    Sweet! Thank you. Can't wait!