I love this race. So laid back, great trails, and there's pie! Plus, since there's no OCup there this year, it's your only chance to race these super fun, technical trails. Saturday August 20th, and pre-registration deep discounts end this weekend (July 31). Our very own tmas organises this one.

Here are the deets from the Facebook event page:

If you register by August 4, its $45 for solo, $90 for tag, $160 for 3-4 person, and $250 for 5-10 person. Online registration available here.

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It seems like 8 Hour relays are a dime a dozen. However, this race is more than a little different. Beyond the obvious difference of being an hour longer, there are other features that set this race apart.

Originally organized as an excuse to hold a pie-eating contest, the 9 hour features bonus events throughout the day. These earn you or your team time bonuses, which shake up the standings on an annual basis.

The event also offers a course which features far more singletrack than other relays, good music, plenty of schwag and prizes, and a fun, laid-back atmosphere - all at a price lower than most other events...because we all like to save money!

More tantalizing event details to be sent out as the event draws nearer, I hope you can make it to the race! If you can't, please spread the word!

Sadly, we have family visit scheduled for that weekend. I'd go just to hang out otherwise. And maybe sneak some pie. Who's in?