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    mississauga to hamilton commute

    Can anyone suggest a SAFE trail or road to bike from mississauga to mcmaster university in hamilton? I gotta commute this summer so i figure i might try the bike. I'm kinda apprehensive though, Hamilton drivers are psychos

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    Thats quite the commute bro....
    Where in Mississauga(north or south)

    Im guessing your options are Lakeshore(2), Dundas(5) or if youre in the north end Brittania, or Derry will get you out to highway 6. The further north the 'safer' or less travelled. Lakeshore would be my bet for the most level route but not a straight as Dundas. and Brittania may be a tad too north once you get further west.

    Well good luck!!
    Am I lazy cause id choose the GO train???

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    im at hurontario and eglington.
    Ya, its a bit(!) of a commute but hey, i figure i might give it a try once just so i can say that i did it. Go bus is frickin' expensive tho. Its 14 bucks round trip and almost $300 for a monthly pass. That, and its hard to get into training when you are working full time.
    Im thinking if i wake up at 6, i can make it to work at a reasonable time :P

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    That would be a hard core commute! It would be even worse if it was raining.

    I've ridden to Hamilton from Toronto twice and the other direction twice all on seperate occasions. It took me around 3.5 hours each time and the route I took was along the lakeshore, there are paths along some of the route but really you would be faster if you rode on the road.

    If I was you I would slowly work yourself into getting used to it, maybe doing it twice a week to start and go from there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricoius
    Can anyone suggest a SAFE trail or road to bike from mississauga to mcmaster university in hamilton? I gotta commute this summer so i figure i might try the bike. I'm kinda apprehensive though, Hamilton drivers are psychos
    I commute a few times a week from Dundas to Burlington (22km one way) and it's an ok commute going to work, but a bear going home. The prevailing winds, at least in the spring, are from the west. That means you will be dealing with some nasty headwinds all the way to MAC. Taking Dundas is an option, but it's an extremely busy highway in the morning. You'll be taking your life in your hands by going that route. Once you get around Burlington you should head for Plains Road and swing up Highway 6 and take York Rd. into Dundas. That's probably the most direct way to get to MAC. Otherwise you are forced to swing around the Bay to get onto Main West and MAC.

    I could not imagine doing that commute on a regular basis....

    "The meek shall inherit the earth"

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    Sounds like it'll be a challenge for you, but it is doable. The worst drivers are not in Hamilton. I commute from Hamilton to Burlington daily, ride from Hamilton to Milton a coupla times a month. It's 47 kim, takes me about an hour and 50 minutes.
    If you're riding your MTB, you;ll want to get some slicks, they make road riding so much easier than knobbies.
    The quickest way: Britannia to Appleby line, then south to Fairview, west on Fariview (turns into Plains Rd), then York Blvd to King St. to Mac.
    You should drive the route you choose before you drive it, most of the commuter traffic will be going the other way, so traffic shouldn't be a big problem for you. You can also have a look at options, like the York Rd to Dundas instead of York Blvd/King St. - depends on what you want to ride.
    Britannia would probably be the fastest, least congested ride for you. There's always people on road bikes riding east and west on Britannia. There are alternatives but Highway 5 is fast and busy with lots of big trucks, Lakeshore is a nice ride but too many traffic lights. Good luck! Let us know how the ride goes!


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    Ridinng up the hamilton mountain is where the real challenge is. Highway5/Dundas is a definit no go. I live 2 mins away from Dundas (Glenn Abbey) and i drive that highway daily and its definately not for riding. Far to busy and the shoulder is all gravel, with not curb.

    Goodluck, let us know how it goes

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    thanks for the advice guys
    I think I'll heed langfords advice and pick up a pair of slicks before I make the trip
    Ill keep you guys posted

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