Presque Isle, ME. The Maine Winter Sports Complex will be having an open house to coincide with a visit from the IMBA Tral Care crew to the facility. The Trail Care crew will be taking on the task of building (or at least getting started) on the bike stunt park at the facility. The stunts will include skinnies, log rides, ramps, teeters, dirt jumps, etc. Maine Winter Sports has taken mountain biking as a serious venture and has decided to fully embrace the sport and promote it as an active lifestyle. IMBA will be at the facility for a week. They will also be visiting Big Rock ski resort a few miles down to the road to chekc out XC trail possiblity there as well as the feasibility of lift assisted downhill biking.

The Bike Boutique will be at the open house with a bevy of demo bikes including an Intense Uzzi VPX and 5.5, Turner Six Pack and Burner, Santa Cruz Superlight and Heckler, and a few Transition Prestons. We are proud to take part as of this open house and hope anyone in the near vicinity in Maine and Eastern Canada comes to visit us.

If you are interested, you can email me for directions. The Open House is on Sunday, August 7 starting at 1:00pm. Camping also available for those looking to come ride the already expansive trail system. There is approximately 15 miles of buff singletrack out there, with more being built all the time.

Thanks for your time,