So last year I went up with some fellow bike buddies (The Berm Donors) and we camped at the KOA and rode Buckwallow and Porcupine Ridge aka Santa's Village, then Torrance Barrens on the way home... old post

We're doing it again this year and I have a 36t ring instead of a 38t, lol!

At Buckwallow we should be able to stumble around just fine and have a great time. Santa's Village we had no clue how to find a good route on the trails last year so we just went exploring.

If anyone is riding up there this weekend and want's to show us some good loops/features etc, please let me know only 3 or 4 of us and we're comfortable on tech trails so bring it!

Thanks to Mark/Near north for showing us around Buckwallow last year!