Iron Horse Warrior Comp vs Kona Blast-
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    Iron Horse Warrior Comp vs Kona Blast

    I also posted this thread in the "what bike to buy" section, but you who frequent this board have given good advice and opinions in the past.

    I'm looking for a new hardtail and have researched many bikes lately. I thought I had settled on the Kona Blast ($800-850CAD), but I was recently in a Sport Check (Canadian distributor for Iron Horse) and noticed an Iron Horse Warrior Comp for $720CAD.

    Both bikes have Deore drivetrain, the Iron Horse has Hayes disk brakes. The Kona has a Marzocchi MZ-Comp 100mm front suspension, while the Iron Horse has a Manitou Six Sport 100mm. There are lots of other spec differences, but I'm no expert so I'm not sure which specs are better (I'd appreciate your comments though).

    I plan to ride 50/50 between gravel/dirt doube tracks and some non-technical singletrack. I'm 6'0 195 pounds, don't ride the bike very hard, and I'm a newb to dirt.

    I've had someone tell me that disk brakes are key because you don't have to worry about them...I've also heard that this Marzocchi fork is superior to the Manitou (also heard at this low price range they are all the same).

    I plan to take a test ride of each of these soon, and assuming they are comparible fit/feel, which is the better your opinion???

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    i'd be a bit wary buying from sport check. they don't specialize in bikes and i don't imagine they sell a ton of higher end rides. you may be better off spending the extra cash at a reputable bike shop in case you need service down the road. the kid that sells you the bike at SC today may not even be there next week.

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    The fit is key to getting yourself a good bike. I think the marzocchi makes the best forks, and even their lower end ones IMHO are better then other companys lower end forks.

    Having the disc are nice however. To upgrade a non-disc bike with something to disc is going to cost you lots of $$$ later down the line however if you go that way.

    And what has already been said, buying a bike and building a relationship with a LBS will be a good idea for later down the line. I don't know first hand if sport check has designated people who do bike work/sales.

    But make sure you test ride the bike and get a bike that fits you and feels good. Anyhow good luck with your choice. Just do some more research on both bikes online, and research the forks, etc and make the best choice you can.

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