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Importers Undermining Canadian Anti-Dumping Procedures.

Date : 2005/5/5

The Canadian Association of Specialty Bicycle Importers (CASBI) has been
reconvened to actively undermine CBMA attempts to get Canadian customs to
levy anti-dumping duties on foreign bikes.

14 Importers Protest Against Case

The fourteen companies who make up CASBI will vehemently state their case
in June at the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) hearing about
whether the Canadian specialty bicycle market should be protected from
foreign competition . "For over two decades, Procycle and Raleigh have
enjoyed government protection from imported bicycles, and today they are
looking for more," exclaimed the head of Kona Bicycles and founding
member of CASBI, Jacob Heilbron. "CASBI feels that these companies have had
enough protection to become profitable, improve their quality standards,
become involved in the sport of cycling and expand into world markets. It
is sad to report this has not happened, and now they seek to destroy a
dynamic Canadian marketplace for bicycles."

Rumbling Duo

Due to rumblings from the Canadian Bicycle Manufacturer's Association (
CBMA), which consists only of Procycle and Raleigh, the CITT will convene a
Global Safeguard Hearing (which has only been used before in two similar
cases, namely concerning steel and boneless beef). Procycle and Raleigh,
principally active in mass market bike sales, are demanding 48% duty on all
imported bikes and 1997 import quota levels for imported bicycle and
painted frames of whatsoever origin.

Any Bike Imported From Anywhere Included In Levy

All imported bicycle types, for instance BMX, road and mountain bikes
will be subject to this anti-dumping duty. CASBI claims that this levy
would severely compromise the profitability and variety of goods on offer
in the specialty bicycle sport business. The immediate consequences of
the imposition of the said duty would be a 30% hike in retail bike pricing,
less choice of products, and less competition between brands. Canadians
could very well end up with a choice of only four or five brands on the

Specialty Bikes ?V 25 Importers With Over 400 Employees!

The specialty bicycle industry is composed of over 25 importers with over
400 employees. They altogether deal with over 35 brands in danger from
the levy of import duty. Due to this levy, it would be possible for
retail prices to go up by 50%! In Canada 800 retailers with over 5000
employees depend on these imported brands to survive. In the last quarter
century, importers and retailers have figured as great supporters of
cycling as a sport in Canada.

A List Of CASBI Members

Amongst CASBI members are Aurora Cycle Supply (KHS), Argon 18, Asama Cycles
(Kuwahara), Banshee Bikes, Cove Bikes, Cybersport (Brodie), Louis Garneau
Sports, Marin Bikes Canada, RB Inc. (Jamis), Revolution Cycles (Electra),
Ten Pack Distribution (McNeil BMX), The Bicycle Group (Kona) and
Vellendtech (Fuji). Source: Bike Europe.