IMBA Canada needs your support now more than ever | International Mountain Bike Association Canada

Sooke, BC, May 28, 2013 - Members of IMBA Canada’s staff are urging the mountain bike industry and trails community to increase support of IMBA’s efforts in Canada.

James Brown, former BC Regional Coordinator, made the call during day two of the BC Mountain Bike Tourism Symposium.

While an official announcement is still pending from IMBA’s President, James filled the audience in on IMBA Canada’s recent financial challenges, which has resulted in regional coordinators, communications, and some administrative services being furloughed. The cuts also effect IMBA Canada’s consulting program, Trail Solutions.

James, and all of IMBA Canada’s staff, urge individuals, corporate supporters, clubs, and land managers to become members of IMBA Canada, and also to support the 2013 Trail Love Campaign fundraising drive to contribute to our continued operations.

More information regarding IMBA Canada’s operational capacity, including membership services, will be released in the coming weeks. Please send questions and inquiries to [email protected]