Hey Fellow Riders,

I just posted this on the DMBA FB Page, but I don't know if it will be at the top or not (not a regular FB poster).

On my ride today we found a rectangular Hyundai Key Fob, the type that the key flips out.

I did not bring it home with me as playing tag for delivery I think would be crazy so left it where in a safe place (beside the tree, that is near the large rock!! haha!!)

It was found at the Houston Rd Parking Lot - beside the metal gate there is a sign post if you look at the back of the sign you will see the bolts that hold the sign in place we hung it from there. There is no reason for it to fall off and if it does look in the grass.

If the owner does happen to see this and is still unsure where, shoot me a message, I will be riding tomorrow and can take a picture.