humber freeze

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  • 02-26-2012
    humber freeze
    all the ground was saturated with water and frozen. ice was everywhere, sloped surfaces where not spared. riding even with the studded tires was tough...
    very tech riding, sure glad i had the platforms...

    you couldn't walk down this section, studs where the only way to go

    in the flats you could have used skates

  • 02-27-2012
    Trails were solid. No mud! The descents and climbs were icy but the studded tires took care of that
    Temperature was perfect.
  • 02-27-2012
    Thanks for the report, much appreciated!
  • 02-28-2012
    Yesterday the trails were amazing in KW today they were perty slick.... My elbow will tell ya all about it...
  • 02-29-2012
    enjoy it while you can, season of the mud coming fast