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    how's the Don?

    After all these rainy weekends I was just wondering how the Don is doing. Anyone ride it since May 1st? Probably going to Glen Major on Saturday...I'll be the one pushing the 40lb Cove up those g.d. hills to get to the berms at the top section. Who ever designed that tight and twisty run coming back with all those 2-4 foot drops in rapid succession, WE NEED MORE OF THIS!

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    LONG reply

    yo lamb head... u wanna ride it on saterday? i have a party to goto at night but in the mourning i can ride! wheere abouts do u live? i live at Dvp aND Yorkmills near fairview mall lol if u dont know roads...

    yeah just shoot me an email or add me to ur msn

    if ur in school maybe we could ride on friday afternoon even...

    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    on another note, i rode those berms on teh trail by the river! thats some nice stuff eh? i like the trail that runs paralel to it though more!!!! super fun! o yeah me and my friend are shooting a comercial on either saturday or sunday for my business project in the don so yeah if u wanna be in it or help that would be great. i have to relearn how to ride now cuz ive been riding city streets on a 150 dollar bike for 2 weeks cuz of the **** weather.

    if u wana see mysite u can check it out. its http//

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    As Tony the Tiger would say....

    They're GRRRREAT.

    Rode the Don Tuesday afternoon and it as freakin' beautiful in there. Don't know if it rained in TO Tuesday night or not, but as of Tuesday afternoon the trails were wonderfully hard-packed with very little moisture. There was literally only 3 or 4 muddy spots and they could all be easily avoided.

    I forgot how much fun riding in there really is!


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    yo i dont know if im gunna be riding, i have a sore throat i think strep... boo hoo lol

    yeah avoid the wooden stunts for a while, they look and feel flexible and i wouldnt ride it for a while till the weather is dryer and the wod is dryer so that it doesn't snap.

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    Old Post

    Like when you ask for more stuff like this.
    Now it needs to be okayed, Ins., Planned
    How are you doing, up to speed yet?.

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