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    Caution;  Merge;  Workers Ahead! Home bike mechanics - cautionary tale about 'Certified Multi-Purpose Degreaser' @CT

    Be very careful if you use this brand..

    For basic drive train cleaning I generally use Canadian Tires engine degreaser. Last time I went they didn't have any, but they did have the above product. (no idea if the CT brand is discontinued or if I just had bad luck that day and there was no stock.)

    I bought the Certified brand stuff, and while it does work well I realised it's a very different product - has a soapyness to it that if not thoroughly cleaned with water, it will attract tons of grime while riding. I also noticed that it just destroyed my hands form the little contact I had with it. (shouldn't be too surprised, it is labelled Corrosive..)

    Anyhow long story slightly shorter - I've had a persistent creaking sound coming from my chain rings. After a few attempts of disassembling and retorking the chain ring bolts that did not solve the problem, I realised I should probably be adding some grease between all contact points.

    Last night I dissamble, and figure I might as well clean the gears while I had them apart..

    Well this stuff is so strong it stripped the paint of my chain ring. It used to be solid black..

    Not playing the victim, this was my bad 100%, just wanted to warn others out there in case they are tempted to use this stuff on their bikes.
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    Well I guess if a person was looking for "paint stripper" they know what to look for.
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    If you do proper cleaning and maintenance on your drivetrain, you should never need any sort of crap like solvent, just hot soapy water, that's it. You learned a luckily not expensive lesson, be happy.
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