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    Has the flood damage Durham forest trails?

    Has the flood damage Durham forest trails?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Picard View Post
    Has the flood damage Durham forest trails?
    Nope, I was there a week ago and the trails were in perfect condition.

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    Was there this weekend and any damage I saw was from horses tearing up the trails or some heavy ruts in the trail from water running.

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    Those Storms were really localized, on the night parts of Toronto were getting flooded, I was riding in Durham and there was just a very small amount of rain. Was there Sunday as well, trails were just about perfect.

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    Highly unlikely ANY significant flooding would occur in Durham Forest and the surrounding areas just due to the extremely well drained morraine soil. Perhaps if there was a crazy high intensity localized storm right on top of Durham Forest for hours on end, but that would be highly un-likely and still, the water would inflitrate and run-off to other areas. The roads and farm fields just south of the morraine, however, is another story. If it rains hard there, you can see erosion damage in the drainage ditches at the sides of the roads, and in some farm fields.

    Bottom line, you don't have to worry too much about conditions in Durham Forest area being too moist or damaged by rain. In fact, you can ride in much of durham forest and the surrounding area trails when its been raining for days. I was concerned about the conditions after rain and asked folks here, and they said things were ok. I went up there and sure enough, conditions were great around the forest centre. The farther south you go, the more conditions can vary. Generally though, when other areas are wet and muddy, durham is often just moist. The only other concern for Durham is snow in spring.

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    I was riding there last Thursday night and all of the trails I went on were nice and dry. I'll be going up for a night ride again tonight with the little rain we received I don't expect the conditions to change much from last week.
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