Greenwood Open House update-
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    Greenwood Open House update

    Do you ride in Greenwood CA? Specifically do you ride in the section South of 5th Concession and East of Church St? In particular do you know about, and possibly enjoy, the stunts that are hidden in the woods in that section? Even if you don't please listen up.

    I got a call the other day from the TRCA, who own the land, asking me if I could help find the structures. I do know about the structures, but not precisely where they are. But from what I've heard they aren't very well hidden so in the fall with the leaves off the trees it won't be too hard to find them. I suspect that by now the TRCA knows precisely where they all are.

    Rather than simply go in a rip them out, as is their right as land owners, and is the usual approach taken, the TRCA has decided instead that they'd like to have an open and honest discussion about the situation. They've learned that in situations like this a little bit of openness goes a long way.

    In just over a week the TRCA and DMBA are going to host an Open House about riding in Greenwood. The agenda is not set but it will revolve around structures, and probably more broadly about riding in Greenwood CA (which is currently illegal).

    To give you a feel for what our talking points will be so we can all be reading from the same playbook we've drafted up a list of "asks" as well as a number of "gives"

    We would like:
    1. Reinstate mountain biking as a permitted use on all trails within Greenwood CA and Rodar
    2. Use of natural (rocks, logs, etc. no carpentry) technical trail features in Greenwood, Rodar, and Brock Lands.
    3. A Bike Park on the property, possibly in conjunction with the Ajax or Pickering general purpose parks.
    4. Keep the majority of trails in the Brock North lands open, with reroutes and minor closures as necessary.
    5. A stacked loop system across the entire property complex that would provide beginner, intermediate and advanced riding opportunities in a coherent fashion.

    What you get:
    1. Closure of existing, poorly built, poorly designed, and ill conceived technical trail features (TTFs or stunts).
    2. Establishing a connection with the mountain bike community who currently use the property, who have used it in the past, and who would like to use it in the future (affiliated with DMBA or not).
    3. Ability to leverage the knowledge on trail system design and building that IMBA Canada and DMBA has.
    4. Ability to tap into a dedicated and motivated volunteer workforce that can put trails on the ground.

    You might consider that item 1 is giving up the fight before it gets started. I want to be clear, the discovered structures were going to be removed regardless. We are having an open house because the TRCA believes that engaging with the mountain biking community is the better approach. A little bit of dialog goes a long way. We want to attempt to use the removal of these structures to start the discussion about riding in Greenwood; that we want it to be legit, and what kind of experiences we are looking for.

    What we ask of the unaffiliated, non-DMBA, non-IMBA member.
    1. Attend the open house and participate in a constructive fashion.
    2. Support the DMBA by at least joining, by contributing some sweat equity, or getting involved in the organization.
    3. No need to admit to illegal riding or building at the meeting.

    When: Tuesday January 17, 2012. 7pm - 9pm.
    Where: Discovery Pavilion, Greenwood Conservation Area. (It does not have a street address, you have to enter CA and you'll see it near the main parking area.)
    RSVP: Jason Murray, [email protected], 647-333-6241. (NOTE: I don't frequent the forum much anymore, so if you have burning questions please email me. )
    Jason Murray
    Rep for Ontario, IMBA Canada
    Visit the IMBA Canada site to keep current on all things IMBA in Canada.

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    I'll be there.

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    This is a great opportunity. If you ride out this way, the opportunity to talk directly to the TRCA will be invaluable. I'm really impressed that they're extending a hand like this.
    Please enjoy seeing this terrible collection of me - something wonderful is about to happy.

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    Thanks for the info Jay, I'll be there

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    you should post up on drop machine and pink bike eastern canada to reach a wider audience.
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    Reminder for anyone in the area that this is tomorrow night.

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