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    first ride

    ....well ok it wasnt on my mountain bike but it was a ride none the less(tuesday). Went out of gage park east through tony creek, and (probably unwisely) up Mcneilly road! damn that road is steep! It was hard but i made it, mostly outta the saddle, in my granny setup(39x25). What i know now is that despite all my hardwork in the gym and doing intervals and spinning there is nothing that makes you faster but cycling itself. I felt like a slug(no speedo to gauge speed). Highlight of the ride wasn't McNeilly road however, but some prick that was honking swerving and swearing at me within 4 minutes of starting! Why do these people slow down when the get next to you? Is it so that you can hork a giant lugee on their car? Must be! Well the paris2ancaster should be a real barrel of fun after my stunning performance on the maiden voyage of 2005

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    A few days ago i went on my first ride of any considerable length. It too was on road. I rode up to Brock's monument in Queenston. Round trip was about 40km. Boy did 40km get longer over the winter! Obviosly, i was not surprised to feel how i did. Regardless of what other excercise you get, all winter (basicly withought riding) will obviously have an impact. The weather is getting better though, so i am starting to get in a few road rides. Most of them not too long, but it is riding none the less.
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    yea, my first ride was a little scary too..seems ppl forgot how to share the rd with cyclists took the zebra out for a nice 30km run and almost got ran over twice
    WTF??? eight months without us on the rds and they think they own them
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    First ride was last weekend. I too had my run-in with the motorists. Riding north on Jane street I had to fend off several cars and ignorant stares. The worse part about riding now is all the pot holes in the road; when you are pushed over to one side, it's hard to avoid them. Other wise not a bad day probably did 40/50 km on a mix of roads and park dirt paths. I was beat when I got home, first ride of the season is always a killer it seems.

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    My first ride was on guelph campus.

    My buddy asked me,

    "Do you want to race through campus"

    My conscious said

    "NO, its dangerous, you might hurt someone"

    My ego said

    "Just giver"

    Man, racing through classmates at 54km/h gives you an adrenalin rush!
    (Think imperial speedster through the forest)

    Gotta love this weather.

    Some great sets for the trainer:

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    My first ride...

    My first ride was last Tuesday. My wife and I took the new Roubaix's up Valley Road in Dundas and out to Milgrove then back around to Governers Road and back home. Overall it was roughly 35km's, not sure we didn't have bike computers mounted at the point. We'd been training over the winter in the gym doing weights and at home on our CycleOps fluid trainers and it paid off. The ride felt great and climbing Valley Road was easier then we expected. Of course riding road bikes instead of the hardtails had to be part of that. I'm sure we would have been cursing if we were on the old bikes. On Sunday we basically did the same route, but added a bit more to make it a 50km ride. I hope to get out this Sunday and hopefully do close to 65km. I can't believe how much easier it is to push the road bike. I feel so much fresher and less beat up then when we rode to hardtails on the road.

    I guess it comes down to having the proper equipment for the job.

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    My rants are back....

    ...since I started riding on the road about two weeks ago.

    #1. Why do people think that they can pass a car when approaching a cyclist (with no paved shoulder)? WTF??? Where did they think I was supposed to hood ornament? This has happened twice in the the last week.

    #2. Only happened once in last week. High schoolers with window down scream as they drive past scaring the hell out of you. Not nice.

    I am sure we could all do a top ten list.


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