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    Eastern Townships, Quebec / Vermont

    Four guys and four or five days... based in Magog but willing to travel. XC/all mountain oriented... longer rides enjoyed. Intermediate but like a stupid challenge. Prefer wild areas to skilifts if possible.

    Where do we go??

    So far my list has Bromont, Coaticook, Mont Hereford and across the border to Kingdom Trails. What am I missing??

    (And we're driving from Toronto, in case there's someplace we should hit on the way).

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    There's some small networks in Brockville and another near cornwall (since presumably you're taking the 401). The one near cornwall is called the charlottesburgh forest and is about 10 kms of crisscrossing singletrack and a bunch of built stunts. Its also insured for mountain biking unlike a lot of parks and forests that have bike trails.
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    Bromont might not be the best for you, it is a DH mountain. There are plenty of trails you can do without using the lifts but it will involve meeting DH riders coming down like rockets!

    Coaticook is great but make sure you don't go right after it's been raining, there can be a lot of mud there. East Hereford is probably the most "wild" of your list but don't expect nice singletrack. It is mostly large ATV style doubletrack but it is kind of fun and the scenery is very nice. Kingdomtrails is the best, you don't want to miss this one.

    If you are willing to drive a bit more, you could add Mill Stone Hill (http://www.millstonehill.com/touringcenter.html) a little south of Kingdom. Very similar, fast singletrack and some interesting "stone" terrain.

    As mentioned, charlottesburgh forest (http://www.gatewayriders.50megs.com/mtbarea.htm), is a fun little place and if you just pass by it then you might want to stop, it's maybe 5-10min off the 401. It's not big but you can have some real fun for an hour or two there.

    Hope this helps a bit.

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    I was up in Ontario this July and rode the Charlottenburg Mountain Bike Area while I was there.

    I rode to the trailhead from my family’s farm that was about 10mi away
    … which was a good thing since there is probably less than 5 mi of singletrack. But what this place lacks in quantity it make up for in quality. All the singletrack I was able to find was a lot of fun. If you ride all the single track both ways, a couple of times and ride all the structure you could have a great time and get some sweet pics. Here are a few I took…

    <p align="center">Twisting Ladder
    <p align="center"><img border="4" src=" https://www.pbase.com/jenn_dox/image/66464380.jpg">

    <p align="center"><img border="4" src=" https://www.pbase.com/jenn_dox/image/66464377.jpg">

    <p align="center"><img border="4" src=" https://www.pbase.com/jenn_dox/image/66464376.jpg">

    Log Ride
    <p align="center"><img border="4" src=" https://www.pbase.com/jenn_dox/image/66464374.jpg">

    Big Drop
    <p align="center"><img border="4" src=" https://www.pbase.com/jenn_dox/image/66464388.jpg">

    <p align="center"><img border="4" src=" https://www.pbase.com/jenn_dox/image/66464385.jpg">

    St. Raphael’s Church on the way back from the trails
    <p align="center"><img border="4" src=" https://www.pbase.com/jenn_dox/image/66464392.jpg">

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    great pix -- thanks!

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    Based in Magog you won't have that many possibilities...

    Coming from Toronto i would make my first stop at Charlottenburg Forest and ride there. It would cut the drive to Magog... On the second day i would drive down to Kingdom Trails (1-hour drive) to enjoy the best singletrack in the east. Third day i would drive down to Coaticook for some twisty singletrack (i'm leaving for there in 20min) on a 18km loop. The 4th day would be spend around Orford... There are some really boring trails there... but you could find some illegal singletrack.. i don't know... Then on the drive back on the 5th day i would stop in Bromont.


    Have fun!
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