April 18, 2016

Trails are open and awesome! The stick, lollypop, trail to nowhere, the “wheel hill” and ridge trail are super clear and in great shape. Substance Projects held and event (H2i) on Saturday and the trails experienced no damage (only one wet spot for 200m) and are actually overall in better shape than before the race. Ken’s, Steve’s…haven’t been leaf blown yet but we rode them last Weds and they are clear of major debris, just small sticks and stuff left. So come on out and enjoy the ride.

Thanks to everyone who put in an effort to help clean up after the "ice storm" we got hit with a few weeks ago. The clean up was done by many individuals volunteering their time (a very large thank you to everyone) and thanks to Dan from Substance Projects for putting in a pile of time as well. Dan did an awesome job consulting with us leading up to the H2i race on Saturday and exhibited the utmost respect for our suggestions, care for the trails and feedback on trail conditions and route selection. Thanks Dan, awesome day out there on Saturday!

If you ever want to get out to Dufferin but don't know a good loop or your way around, feel free to join up with one of our rides anytime. For updated info and ride schedules go to:

Team Van Go

See you out there, Johnny