Don Valley Trail Renaissance-
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    Don Valley Trail Renaissance

    Hey All,

    The Don Valley trails, as a result of tons of work by a loose group of hardcore builders, is undergoing a major renaisannce, if you will. IMBA has also contributed some work to the main trail. As you may or may not know, the Don Valley trails are more of a network than one particular trail, so all the work may not be evident at first if you're just riding the popular spots.

    All of the major builders and involved folks hang out on, in the Don forum here:

    I'd like to invite anyone interested in the Don trails to head on over. There's more than enough work to go around for number of people we have, and we could always use more. Not all of the work is going to be in-your-face or Glorious... we have need for litter-pickers and folks to fix camber, erosion and mud spots.

    Dropmachine (not my site! I just hang there) is also the best place to post up for group rides, and to find out where old/new trail segments are. No one will post directions out in the open, but via PM, email or whatnot it's easy to hookup and get shown where the good stuff is.

    Furthermore, I quit my job last week and will, in a totally unofficial and unpaid capacity, be acting as a full-time Don trail steward for the next several months, so I'd be happy to help out folks that want to come down and build/clean/etc.

    Byron Sonne aka "The Rear Admiral"

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    Well, to have trails of this length and calibre smack-dab in the middle of the city makes us extremely lucky! Where else can you see deer (I've personally seen 2 does, and another gent saw a 10 point buck), beavers, hawks, rabbits, hares and foxes, yet be at the corner of Bay & Bloor in 10 minutes? It's a real gem (always has been) and now it's up to us to polish it and keep it safe.

    What's particularly nice is that the system is maintained and improved by us ole' grubby bikers, and IMBA, both seperately. So there's really no politics in the way; if you want to be part of an officially sanctioned build day, those are available - and it's really quite amazing to see what can be done in a day with 20-odd folks, IMBA, the City and all the needed wheelbarrows and tools. On the other hand, if you're a lone wolf and wanna do your own thing on your own time and terms, there's a place for you too.

    It's really win-win all around!

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    Add coyotes to that list of wildlife. Saw one about 2-3 weeks ago on the trails north of the Thorncliffe parking lot.

    I love the Don. We are very lucky to have it, and it just seems to be getting better all the time.
    Big thanks to you and your crew RA, and to all the other lone-wolf builders/maintainers out there.
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    I'm just one guy out of many - but thank you for the compliment

    About the foxes - I haven't seen any in about 5 years on the sections south of Eglinton, but maybe there's some north of there. On the other hand, someone told me mange wiped out a good chunk of the fox population, but I didn't think mange killed.... anyone a vet or naturalist that knows the real story? I'd love to find out.

    It was theorized this serious decline in the fox population is a big factor in the rabbit *explosion* this year. Last year there were a few, but this year you can't go for a ride on the Ridge or the Flats (i.e. from Thorncliffe to the Brickworks) without seeing at least one. I regularly see between 5 and 10, they're about the size of guinea pigs. Perhaps this is what's attracted the 3 red tailed hawks (we have a positive ID on that bird) that hang out down by the Loblaws/sewer plant.

    While I'm at it, I'm rarely one to praise government of any kind, but it seems that since Miller came to be mayor - and with some changes in the departments that concern the trails perhaps? - the City/TRCA/et. al. has really shown a new impressively positive and active face. I live in a City where even if those departments are probably underfunded, they *get* it, they understand biking Makes me think... what can we do to help out the folks in the city that are in a position to do good for us? We should find out who they are and assist them next time elections come up, either volunteer or donate to their campaign or something. If they're unelected, what then could we do?
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    love the Don, for mid-week rides after work it's the greatest.

    As for the wildlife, I saw a doe on the paved trail from Sunnybrook to the Don River.

    Tons of rabbits this year i agree, especially by Pottery road.
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