Do you often get frustrated by drivers-
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    Do you often get frustrated by drivers

    While I do realize that a lot of drivers in Toronto are very impatience, which is a very bad habit and can be hazardous to others on the street. I think people should know that traffic laws apply to anyone while on the road, not matter you're on 4 wheels or 2 wheels, with or without an engine. But a lot of people doesn't seems to know that bicycles are also considered as vehicle. Would you ask a motorcyclist to pull over to the sidewalk so you can make your right turn. I've been ask several times to do it, which I gladly did. But those drivers would never show a gesture of appreciation instead of a 'you're in my way' kind of attitude on their face. As a driver myself I understand there are some un-considerate cyclists out there that would give me a bit of frustration. So when I'm on my bike I always try to aviod narrow busy street which would get the already impatience drivers more impatience. And now I always stop a least one car space behind the crossing line so the right turning drivers won't get mad. But still I do believe that, once again, the same rules apply to everyone who is using the road and not because I'm on a bike I should be treated differently. I could recall that everytime when being asked to pull over to sidewalk I do feel a bit sour but never feel mad, until today. That this mid-age lady in her shiny SUV behind me, with that 'you're in my way' attitude of course, horn me while I'm on a god damn street in which the side of it was marked for bicycle use. People should start understand the fact that cyclists are not a group of people that are SUPPOSE to be on the side walk and trying to take over the street from them. Sorry for the complain.

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    Cool-blue Rhythm I think you're too polite... have just as much right to be on the road as cars do. If you and a car come to a stop sign at the same time and he wants to turn right and you're going straight and you both continue forward at the same time... he will be cutting you off. I would say he has to wait for you to do whatever you going to do. (Unless he's going to straight which shouldn't cause any problems to anyone).

    Just because he/she is driving a car it doesn't mean they have right of way.

    You know what bothers me is cyclists who ride on the side of the road who are going the wrong direction. Especially when I'm riding the correct direction and now you have another cyclist coming towards you that you have to avoid as well.

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    Sometimes I see other cyclists riding along the street and when the light turns red they dont stop and run it. I seen cars do it too eg..I was crossing yonge and bloor on saturday about 4pm and watched some truck run the red light and almost hit a cyclist. The cyclist was crossing when the light was green, he lucky he saw the truck running the light and stopped or he wouldve been smushed.

    I usually dont get that much of a problem when riding my bike along the road. I learned long ago that when you come to a spot that might be hard to get by if a car is beside you its better to take up the lane. I know I had drivers honk their horn at me for that but I do it for my safety.

    Cause this one time going down pottery road, me and my friends used to ride on the road part and on the shoulder part too. Then one day one of my friends got clipped by the car and wiped out big time. He was just scrapped up and such but nothing broken but ever since then I take up a lane for situations like that.

    I dont know how some drivers get thier license. It would be nice if every 2 years or so drivers had to go in and do another driving test... Help maybe weed out the bad ones.

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    times are a changin...

    I too have noticed the increased aggression in a majority of the drivers in Toronto and surrounding suburbs. I have had some close calls but nothing worth writing about...
    I view city or road riding as just another challenge of have to be so aware of whats coming up, behind you, and anticipate all the little variables that can happen....sounds a lot like trail riding...except the trees are not moving. I enjoy it sometimes riding downtown, quite an adventure.

    Let them honk....

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    agree and disagree

    Yes.. I agree that drivers are way too impatient when it come to driving in general.. wether it be a cylist, or another motor vehicle.. and there are many bad drivers out there that make stupid decisions, (like not signaling for example.. gggrrrrr..!!!!!! )

    But as a driver myself.. it's very stressfull trying to get around a cyclist, especially on a busy narrow street.. because you don't want to clip them (good example of what can happen from SuperNewb) and you don't want to clip the on coming vehicle... Also, a bike is way easier to manuver if a vehicle does want to turn.. (although they should at lease wave a thanks if you do move over for them).

    One more point about the stress of trying to pass a cyclist... (well, more of a question). Who is liable if a car does hit a cyclist... Are cyclists considered pedestrians..?? Cuz if so, than the driver is the one to get the charges... and that is something that no one wants on their record.. (either permanent, or driving record) or conscience might I add.. Who would be responsible..??

    I think cities should create more bicycle lanes, or alow riding on the sidewalks at least... because not a lot of drivers are enlightened about the rights of cyclists.

    Anyway... just my opinion.


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    Bikes are considered vehicles

    From the Ontario MTO website:

    "A bicycle is a vehicle under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA). This means that, as a bicyclist, you have the same rights and responsibilities to obey all traffic laws as other road users."

    There are lots of internet resources out there. Here's one:

    The key thing is to ride predictably, so drivers have an idea of your intentions, and to assume that no driver can actually see you or knows you're there, unless you make eye contact.

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    i live in the outskirts of barrie so when i train i ride dirt country roads and some of the cars try to hit you and try tp scare me

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