clippless pedals suggestions-
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    clippless pedals suggestions

    I have decided to go clipless....

    after riding HF this weekend my feet came off the pedals way to easy.

    anyhow, Im looking at Time ATAC (recommended) and Shimano 545 (i think?? 505,525 somthing like that)

    LBS with a good selection of shoes to choose??? suggestions

    Looking to spend approx. $100 for each give ot take.

    Any thoughts or help much appreciated


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    If you're more of an XC rider that won't mind not having much of a platform under your shoes then go with the Time pedals (Aliums are cheaper than the ATAC but weigh more).
    You just can't beat them for muddy condition riding, quite a wide float angle before clipping out and simplicity, when I ride XC I wouldn't use anything else.

    I tend to use the Shimano 545s (? got them at MEC) or so these days IF I use my clipless pedals because I'm more into stunt, jumps & drop riding and I find the outter cage offers good support on landings.
    Is say IF I use my clipless since I ride mainly flats unless I'm going riding somewhere with lots of tech climbing involved.

    Either way you go, you'll love the increase in control you have over the bike.

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    Similiar thread...

    I posted a similiar question on the "everything drivetrain" forum and got some good feedback. In terms of a store, Velotique had the Shimano 520's for $65...others were around $75. There were other good deals on the web, but not so good when you factor in shipping charges to Canada (i.e. Time Alium were $59.99US).

    Good luck...I need em too, just not sure which ones.

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    crank brothers eggbeaters

    Hey there,

    I am in my second season now and I went clipless a few months ago. Very glad I did it, and I choose Crank Brother Mallet C pedals which use the eggbeater basically built into a platform pedal. I mainly ride trails and I liked the idea of the platform clipless pedal, but crank brothers offers many other pedals that I would recommend. Such as just the plain eggbeater, crank bros candy series. Will give you more info. IMO they are top notch clipless pedals and once you get used to them you will love them. They also shread mud really good which is handy in Ontario this time of the year. But things are getting much better in the drying up dept. now. Time is also supposed to make good pedals too, but I have ne ver used them. Just reading what others are saying.


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