• 06-14-2014
    Calling all ontario trail builders!! Amazing opportunity
    We all know how finding another awesome place to ride is like finding a needle in a haystack, especially when most of the places we ride are conservation areas that minimize the amount of cool stuff we can add into trails. How would you like to help be a part of one of the coolest projects in Ontario Cycling history?! No, this isn't some BS scam!

    I was approached by a lady and her family that have been trying to get a motocross track installed on their property to be used by the Maguires Motocross Racing Series (MMRS). They are still working out the legalities of all of that, but she also wants to use the property for cycling as she has found that many of the racers also x-train on mountain and fat bikes (who knew?). Anyways, she and her husband own 300 acres of awesome land, built on top of a ridge (very few muddy conditions) that they are turning into a motocross track and cycling park. The end goal is to have a MX track, pump track, two BMX race tracks and skills park, along with as much singletrack as possible.

    We scoped things out last week and started "building" trails this morning. I laugh when I say building because this land is an old farm and has likely over 20km of single track, conveniently created by horses. Without having a clue where we were really going, we started this morning on the first horse trail we found and kept following and pruning trees for clearance and in two hours we had 2km of pristine single track, natural rock gardens and techy sections included. That was with two of us.

    What we are looking for, is to organize a trail building weekend with volunteers that are passionate about having an EPIC place to ride in eastern Ontario. The property is located in Thomasburg, Ontario, about 20 minutes north of Belleville.

    I swear to all of you, this is not some BS where a kid is trying to get you to help him build a local trail, this is the real deal. The owner has all of her ducks in a row, has gone through all of the right legal and financial channels, and has basically said biking is good to go, do what you want with our land. If you or anyone you know would be willing to help, please contact me via my website Home or [email protected]. I am not sure of the build date(s) yet, as I am trying to compile a list of volunteers first. I will start to post some pics of the trails thus far so you can see what an awesome place this can be. Thanks.

  • 06-15-2014

    Originally Posted by puds View Post
    The property is located in Thomasburg, Ontario, about 20 minutes north of Belleville.

    You had my devout attention until this part, unfortunately that's way too far out of my way (Woodstock).

    This sounds like a fantastic opportunity and I'm sorry that I won't be available to help-out. Will be watching this thread and eager to see how this develops. Best of luck to you Sean!
  • 06-16-2014
    garage monster
    Wow, that sounds like a great opportunity and I'm sure there are plenty of "frustrated" builders out in that direction. Post pics! :)
  • 06-18-2014
    Got a better tour of the property the other day via ATV, and as described above it's an amazing opportunity. The landowners are just happy the land is going to be used. If you think you would ever ride out this way, please consider lending a hand for a few hours to help make this happen. Going to post the cause on RidingFeelsGood as suggested as well.