• 07-23-2014
    Buckwallow - Can anyone help me find camping?
    4 friends, Big Hustler and myself were hoping to ride at Buckwallow on the August long weekend.

    We were planning to stay at the Nippising University Residence but our plans were foiled, they are not open for renting this summer. Last time we stayed there the whole place was empty, I guess that's why it's not open in the summer anymore.

    The KOA is all booked and so are the other campgrounds around Gravenhurst. The hotels are either booked already or cost a small fortune.

    Can anyone help out a group of cool riders by helping us find somewhere to stay? We were hoping to come up Saturday August 2 and stay until Monday August 4.

    Did I mention it's my Birthday weekend?

  • 07-23-2014
    Near north
    I think Garage Monster said he was happy staying at Camp Hillbilly?

    I had a quick look around Bracebridge and didn't see anything.

    Here is an accommodations link from the town of Bracebridge : Tourism Bracebridge

    It's likely one of the two most popular weekends of the year for the Muskoka.

    I hope you find something and have great weekend of riding.
  • 07-24-2014
    secret agent
    Did you try the local motels. We found a bit of a rustic place right in Gravenhurst and it is a cabin style place for the weekend. We booked it a few weeks back though. It may be hard to find something at this short notice. We are staying at the Oakwood Motel.
  • 07-24-2014
    Yep, no complaints with Camp Hillbilly and it was super close. No idea about availability. Good luck and happy birthday!
  • 07-25-2014
    Thanks everyone, we just squeezed into Camp Hillbilly for the weekend!

    Looking forward to some fun riding.

    And thanks for the Birthday wishes.