bikes on sale

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  • 11-19-2014
    bikes on sale
    hi all

    i will be in Toronto next month, around mid December, on a business trip.
    i am currently looking to upgrade my bike. i am looking for a 150-160 travel bike to have fun with.

    my local options are:
    1. kona process 153
    2. transition patrol
    3. specialized enduro 650b comp
    4. knolly warden
    5. giant reign 2

    i am asking your help to see if there may be some special sale deals in Toronto where i can buy a new bike at a sale?

  • 11-19-2014
    A frequent mtbrer in this forum, VeteranYouth, works at Cycle Solutions in Toronto.

    Their website is Cycle Solutions | Solutions for all your cycling needs That might be a good start.

    You can browse by riding style, etc. Contact info is also there...
  • 11-20-2014
    Thanks for the recommendation Biggie!

    vichila we do not have (between our 2 locations) anything in stock out of the specific models you have listed here. That being said if our suppliers have the bikes we can order them, but we won't have any in the store to check out. (we have accounts with all the brands listed except Knolly)

    At the Kingston Rd. location (my home shop) most of what we carry is in the 120-140mm range but I can let you know what we have stocked in larger travel if you can tell me what size you are looking for. I will be in the shop tomorrow so you can call or msg me on mtbr and I can give you a more detailed list of options.

    Hope you have nice visit!