• 12-26-2005
    Bike route-Toronto to Newfoundland
    looks like "Freedom 55" kicks in in March, and Mrs. JM and I are hitting the road...plan A is to bike Toronto to Newfoundland, we have house sitters for Toronto and Wasaga and the use of a house in an outport north of St. Johns, but there must be a better way of setting a route than just looking at a map and talking to a few who have done parts of the ride.

    Anyone know where you can get some info on putting a bike route together?...sort of like a CAA for bikers, or if anyone has any experience with riding between some of the larger towns. Perhaps we can piece something together. We're targeting about 140-180km/day, leaving in April. back in November

    any help will be greatly appreciated...thanks in advance
  • 12-27-2005
    Check out www.crazyguyonablike.com , lots of trip stories and pix too in the journal section, lots of info in the resources section.
    "Family adventures across Canada" is a great journal from this summer of the Feldmans trip across Canada and through all the Maritime provinces and Newfoundland too.
    Sounds like a great trip, good luck! April and November aren't great biking weather months, especially in Newfoundland - you might want to check weather history for those dates and maybe leave later, return sooner.
  • 12-27-2005
    thanks...hope to have a plan in a few months...just hope that we can get away this spring

    have modified my Schwinn with new drive train, a 34-11 cog set, and a 34 spoke rear wheel, mrs JM is getting a new bike (probably a Trek 7500) and am looking at a trailer as well.

    April-November is a tentative time frame...may get a ride to the east side of the GTA, maybe to Belleville just to get away from the traffic, but hope to beat the black flies on the north shore before the end of May. Still better than December-March though.

    The house in Newfoundland is owned by a cousin who teaches in Toronto...he uses it during the summer holidays and it would be nice to spend the summer with him...the only unknown is how busy the office will be and if the crew will need some help through the summer, however, we'll be officially retired in March so we can be a bit flexable.

    Thanks again for the site...i hope to have everything together shortly