Big Dirty Pickering Ride-
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    Big Dirty Pickering Ride

    Nick Boers had the BDPR on August 7th.

    TeamNFI: Big Dirty Pickering Ride

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    Copied from my DropMachine post:

    Thanks everyone for showing up, and especially for not complaining too much about my rain forecasting skills. Yeah, we got soaked, but it was still a blast. The rail trail coming home was like riding through a car wash, except the water was muddy and the soft brushes were trees and shrubs. Dave likened it to an Ewok on a speeder bike... good one Dave!!

    Those who had semi slicks had TERRIBLE traction along one muddy lane, but were sporting huge grins at the end of it. Tim reported riding his bike sideways, bunny hopping a snake and continuing to ride sideways. It was greasy. VERY greasy, and that was before the rain. We skipped that section on the ride home.

    It was the first time I've been told by a hiker I couldn't ride my bike in there. They didn't know how to respond when I said "Yeah, I know" and kept right on riding. Normally the people in there are pretty cool, and have even cheered us on climbing the steep rooty bits.

    I have no pics of the ride, but I have a few of the apres. Unfortunately the camera fogged up when it went outside into the humidity, so some of them are blurry.

    The tent kept us mostly dry when it started to rain on the party.

    Proud supporter of Magners Irish Cider

    Andrew likes to play bikes too!

    The kids had a good time playing while we were out, and helped wash the bikes afterwards.

    Not only are all bikes and all pedals accepted, anything from street clothes to baggies to full on race kit is allowed. I don't think there was any rigid singlespeeders this time, but we had everything from a stupid light rigid carbon 1x9 to a 6" travel Enduro.

    I'm thinking mid September or early October for the next one.

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