Bayview Dirt Park Revitalization Oct 2nd-
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    Caution;  Merge;  Workers Ahead! Bayview Dirt Park Revitalization Oct 2nd

    The CoT is having a work party to revitalize the Dirt Park near Bayview and Finch. They will be watching to see how many show up. They claim that if there is enough riders who show up they will be doing a full rebuild next year.

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    I'm going to be a bit of a jerk here....

    Come on people. It's time to step up. I have heard endless yapping for 4 years in Toronto about getting more out of the CofT. You want to be noticed? Get your arse there. It doesn't matter if you dirt jump or not it's about showing the management that people want this stuff.

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    Message for all from Paul the king of the Don DJ's.

    Build day at Bayview & Finch tomorrow, if the city feels there isn't enough interest in the location they will scrap yet another one of our legal riding spots....which in the long run will hurt our cause to get more spots built . The more interest we show (people in attendance) the better off the riding community will be in the future, and the louder our voices will be!
    Understand that this is being used to gauge interest of the riding community. The numbers seen tomorrow will effect future projects that may be considered by the city. So it's simple... you want more mountain bike stuff get your butt there tomorrow.

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    15 mm of rain.
    NW winds to 30kph.
    Morning low of 4C and High of 9C.
    At the end of the riding season.

    ... and they are using this to "gauge interest"?

    The place was quite ridable, if not ideal, prior to them dumping another 20 truckloads of gravel on it three years ago. When I saw that mess I thought it was intended to block it off, and haven't rode there since.

    With apologies for the negative tone of the above, I have to give maximum props to anyone who finds a way to make it out there tomorrow, from those of us whose Sundays are booked weeks in advance, and are therefore seen by the City as disinterested.
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