Apartments in Brampton/Mississauga - bike friendly?-
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    Apartments in Brampton/Mississauga - bike friendly?

    Looks like the missus and I will probably be selling the house at some point this year and renting an apartment for a bit. Neither of us have rented an apartment before. I'd like to imagine I can make my way up/down the elevator as I please, with a relatively clean bike, without problems.

    Is there a "norm" to the storing of bicycles in an apartment? Or is this going to be the "one person complained so now it's the end of the world" dealio?!?!

    I ..... need ..... DIRT!!!!!

    ... and cookies. :D

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    you can own whatever you want and take it in and out as you please. bike in elevator is no problem unless you are holding others from getting on. but that's more of a moral standpoint, anyway. on the bright side, living room = bike room.

    i actually rent an apartment with my gf that is 1.5 bedrooms so i have a room/workshop for my bikes.

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    No problem, I live in a highrise in mississauga. I have three bikes.

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    Shouldn't be a problem, but you might want to ask the building's management just to be safe. I currently live in an apt, we store a couple bikes here without any issue, and have never had a problem in any of the apartments I've lived in. Although, I should mention that a former co-worker of mine wasn't allowed to take his bike up to his apartment in his building as the rule there was that bikes had to be stored in a special bike room on the ground floor.

    My place now has a "bike room" also, it consists of nothing more than a chain-link cage with a pad-lock down in the parking garage. It's full of crappy tire bikes and other rusty old junkers, but there have been break ins and rides stolen before. My building manager has seen me shouldering my bike up and down the stairs before without a word, but I do worry that one day I'll receive a letter telling me I have to store it downstairs. I would likely move at that point.

    I also did live in Brampton for a couple years in one of the buildings near the Bramalea City Centre Mall and had no issues there with bike storage at all.

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    Some old hen on the appt commitee or whatever those commie things are called will probably be waiting in the lobby for you and your bicycle!

    So, really ask around... it can vary. You don't want to be stuffing your bicycle in a canvas bag and dragging it up and down the elevator like you are cousin vinny collectin' a debt, Eh - dis face?? u takin to dis face??

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